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The Company

The Company

Arizona’s Elite Boutique Lender
—Where Creativity Counts

Markour Funding & Investment, Inc. is a privately held mortgage lender, asset management and advisory firm headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona which specializes in fast financing for debt, equity, mezzanine and land banking on real estate projects in the $100,000 to $50,000,000 range. Markour is a highly reputable, successful and growth-focused company with decades of experience across the entire spectrum of real estate financing through Arizona, the Southwest and selected areas of the United States.

At Markour, we’ve created an exceptional business focused on delivering privately funded financing to a wide range of clients. Our proven diligence, impeccable operating standards and expertise help to ensure that the funding process will run more rapidly and reliably than any other company in that market.

We’re proud of the incomparable personal service and years of combined experience we bring to each and every loan negotiation which enables us to mitigate risk and bring our clients and partners a fast and efficient closing process.

Mark Madkour, Founder & Chairman

Lead by its Founder and Chairman, Mark Madkour, a seasoned Mortgage/Finance and Real Estate Developer with 37 years of Entrepreneurial experience and 23 years in the Private Lender business, Markour has funded and facilitated over $1 Billion in private money, equity, Institutional and Mezzanine loans and growing.

About Mark Madkour
Founder & Chairman

Mark Madkour is a Real Estate Development and Finance Entrepreneur and Executive with over 37 years of Entrepreneur experience. As the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Markour Funding and Investments, Inc., a privately held Mortgage Lender and Advisory Firm headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ., he has raised and funded through his companies over One Billion dollars in Debt, Equity, Mezzanine and Joint Ventures with a wide range of Asset Classes.

In addition to his real estate lending, Mark has joint ventured development of residential and commercial properties in the Phoenix metro area along with building One million plus custom homes in Prescott, AZ.

In May of 2006, Mark formed Scottsdale Canal Development, LLC and proceeded to acquire 52 different properties in downtown Scottsdale. The project went through a three-year rezoning case within the City of Scottsdale and successfully became among the largest land acquisition in downtown Scottsdale at 10.57 acres approved for a Luxury Hotel mixed use project totaling 1,232,000 buildable square feet with a land value of $136,000,000.

Mark Madkour, Founder & Chairman

Mark is a New England native who earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Minor in Fine Arts from St. Michael’s College in Winooski, VT. He leads an inspired and healthy life outside of the office, he’s a motivated athlete with a passion for adventure, extreme sports, playing guitar and travel. He loves spending quality time with his family and his philanthropic interests lie in cancer research for children, stand up for cancer and the USA Ski Team.